We discover the new Range Rover 2022


On 10/27/2021, the British brand LAND ROVER presented the new generation of its flagship the new Range Rover 2022, the new design of the new generation remains faithful to the design of its predecessor. With this new generation Land Rover has completely redesigned this new model with smoother and more fluid lines.

Exterior design:

You can see the more fluid lines in the exterior design of this new model, you just have to look at the rear of the vehicle where the old taillights have been replaced by light groups fully integrated into the avant-garde design of this new model. The new taillights are divided into two separate groups, where the position and brake lights are located on the rear sides with a design very different from what has been seen so far. On the contrary, the turn signals (indicators) are completely camouflaged on both sides of the tailgate, along with the Range Rover lettering badge.

At the front, at first glance we will not notice many differences with the predecessor model, since the new headlights and the front grill is very similar to the previous model of the brand, however after a few seconds of looking at the front of this beautiful vehicle, we will realize that something has changed, and then we will understand this new model a little more, we will see the new headlights with straighter and more marked lines, the front grill with new inserts, and above all the front bumper that reminds us the time we are living in, with the new electric and futuristic vehicles, with finer lines, and more continuous designs, without so many lower grilles and air intakes. It is like a more continuous line throughout the body.


Interior design:

The interior of the vehicle follows this same idea of ​​elegance and simplicity. You can see that with this new model Land Rover wants to go after its closest competitors. This new 2022 Range Rover can be perfectly compared with the most exclusive models of other brands such as Mercedes-Benz GLS, BMW X7, Bentley Bentayga, even with Rolls-Royce Cullinan whose sale price is well above the new 2022 Range Rover. 

The interior of this new Range Rover exudes elegance and style, with the most luxurious interior the brand has ever produced in a production car to date. The first thing we can point out about this new interior is the driver's seat, where everything in sight has been updated and improved to make driving a pleasant ride; and on the other hand the design of the new steering wheel that reminds us of the previous Mercedes-Benz S-Class, very beautiful to look at. The new digital marker, if we can say marker, since it is a full screen of more than 10 ”inches, where we will have at our disposal all the information of the vehicle and we can also convert this new digital marker into an authentic 3D map, since we can include the GPS navigator in the digital marker, and make life much more comfortable and simple. In the center console we will find the new automatic gear lever, next to the vehicle's start button and next to it, the driving mode selector similar to that of the current Range Rover and Jaguar models.

Last but not least, the new central screen in the style of the Tesla model 3, whose screen is separated from the dashboard in a horizontal position. This new central screen is undoubtedly another of the many great novelties that will make us smile when we are on this wonderful all road.

In the back, we will find the new heated rear seats, massages, foot rests, fully adjustable to make longer trips a real delight. In the rear seats we can also find the new central console, where we can regulate the rear seats, heating and endless possibilities. 

To finish, we can say little more about this new model that we have been waiting with great enthusiasm, and that in a few months we will be able to see on our roads. Simply a full-blown achievement, it was certainly worth the wait.