About us

JB CUSTOMS is the result of a passion held in Juan's mind for many years. A firm that was born in order to make what its customers have always dreamed of come true: Design and exclusivity for their cars. The art of creating the dream: DREAM YOUR CAR .

The professionalism and discipline with which we carry out each of our works have made it possible for them to go viral through social networks and word of mouth, which has given us a great impact both nationally and international.

The final objective of our work is to achieve an impeccable result that leads in the total satisfaction of our wide portfolio of clients, who day by day transmit to us the unforgettable experience that it has been for them to have trusted us.


What we offer

We create exclusive looks for more ambitious and fine tastes, in which we work from the sound of the car to the more fast-paced and daring aesthetic . Our workshop and our new online store allow us to offer meticulous and professional work, as well as the best possible solutions for each particular case, always with the highest quality of our products and services guaranteed.


Luxury car customization

We customize cars of the most exclusive brands with original designs completely adapted to the tastes and needs of each client, always achieving a spectacular result.

Body designs and preparations

We carry out the design and preparation of the vehicle body through impeccable work and comprehensive service with the aim that the only concern of our customers is to enjoy the end result.

Sale of accessories and body parts

We have all kinds of accessories and body parts for the most exclusive vehicles on the market. Always with the guarantee of quality and the formidable after-sales service offered by our qualified team.

ASR system installation

We improved the sound of diesel, gasoline, electric and hybrid vehicles, incorporating a system made up of sound generators installed in the vehicle. The module has 10 powerful V8 / V10 Gasoline engine profiles, in which the sounds can be regulated from the APP and the original buttons of the vehicle; And so, turn the sound on and off when you prefer. Most importantly, this system does not affect the Official Warranty of the vehicle or the ITV.

Custom manufacturing of steering wheels

We manufacture steering wheels completely tailored for the most demanding customers, with infinite possibilities to suit each one. We have the most exclusive and highest quality materials on the market, such as our carbon fibers and hand-assembled fabrics in each of the fabrications by our qualified personnel.

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