New analysis Mercedes-Benz SL 2022


Presented on 10/28/2021 the new Mercedes-Benz SL, once again leaves us speechless. The new design is certainly a statement of intent. This new model that we can already reserve at Mercedes-Benz dealers, is full of curiosities that will not leave you indifferent. 

The new SL chassis is built to give us a more dynamic driving experience, combined with the well-known 4MATIC + all-wheel drive fitted as standard on all variations of this new model. To this we can add the 9-speed gearbox and the directional rear axle, adaptive suspension and many more electronic novelties for driving aids.

Engines of the new Mercedes-AMG SL:

Mercedes-Benz has already confirmed that there will be new plug-in hybrid mechanical variations, at the moment the Mercedes-AMG SL was presented with two mechanical variations on the Mercedes-AMG models.

The Mercedes-AMG SL 55 AMG 4MTAIC + is driven by a 4.0-liter Twin-Turbo V8 with a power of 476 hp and 700 Nm, capable of accelerating from 0-100 km / h in 3.9 seconds and reaching a speed limited to 295 Km / h.

For its part, the most powerful version of this new Mercedes-AMG SL, will be the SL 63 AMG 4MATIC + with a 4.0-liter Twin-Turbo V8 with 585 hp and 800Nm with an acceleration of 0-100 Km / h in 3.6 seconds and being able to reach a limited maximum speed of 315 km / h. 

Interior design:

The interior of this new Mercedes-Benz SL is full of technological innovations that are already common in the new models, such as the large and peculiar 11.6 ”-inch central screen and the ability to modify the inclination of the same, with an inclination from 12º to 32º; undoubtedly a detail that we will appreciate when we are driving this convertible on sunny days that we go with the hood open, where the very large central screen will reflect the sun and more than a wonderful central screen it will look like a large solar reflector.


In the driver's seat we will find the magnificent instrument panel replaced by the traditional markers in the previous versions of this model, by a magnificent digital instrument panel with a large 12.3 ”screen, where we can enjoy many driving readings , different design modes for the rev and speed markers, and different driving modes where the image design will interchange depending on the different driving modes we use.


This new model also includes the new steering wheel of the current Mercedes-Benz, whose design we liked very much when we saw it for the first time in the current Mercedes-Benz E-Class W213 (2020+). In the Mercedes-AMG models, the steering wheel will be equipped with the wonderful AMG selectors, where we can change driving modes, activate the active suspension, or our favorite, activate the exhaust valves, where the car stops looking like a Mercedes-Benz SL standard and gives way to the roaring indomitable V8 of the Mercedes-AMG SL 55 / SL 63 AMG.

You can also find this new model of the new Mercedes-Benz steering wheel in our online store, where you can ask us to make your dream steering wheel for your current or new Mercedes-Benz.

The interior of this new model, unlike previous models, has a 2 + 2 configuration, what does this mean? Well, unless the rear passengers measure no more than half a meter, we can only go two passengers on each trip in the front seats, and in the (rear seats) if we can call them that, since they look like seats for the person If you want to sit in the back, the only way to fit into them is by putting your legs over the front armrest.

Removing this, we must add that the front seats are like in recent years, a place where you can be on trips of many kilometers, without wanting to reach the destination to get out of them and to regain sensitivity in the kidneys. 

Exterior design:

The exterior design of this new Mercedes-Benz SL 2022 is composed of a front with a very marked character, a very characteristic front, which reminds us a bit of the Mercedes-AMG GT. The new SL looks like the continuity of the Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster, in particular the front of this new model we like much more than the current Mercedes-AMG GT, with a more pointed and stylized line in the headlights, the front bumper with the current design of the Mercedes-AMG and without forgetting the Pan-American grid also with the current design of the latest Mercedes-AMG.

At the rear, we will find the new taillights also with a very stylized design and following this modernized resemblance of the previous Mercedes-AMG GTs. The rear diffuser we return to the same, a very present similar in all the lines of this new SL to the previous AMG GT.

Finally we look at the hood of this new Mercedes-Benz SL, this new model will only be available in a convertible version with a soft top…. We believe that for a model that exceeds € 120,000 a hardtop was not something that should be dispensed with. Nor will it be available at least for the moment as Mercedes-Benz does not plan to release a coupe version in the future. This new SL will only be available with the soft top convertible option. It is true that in this model they have added improvements in the closing and opening system of the hood that seems to be interesting and is that the hood can operate at speeds of up to 60 km / h with a travel time of only 15 seconds.