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OLED Steering Wheel Selectors BMW G-Series M-Sport (2017-2023)

Ref. PTX03661

  • OLED selectors for steering wheel BMW G-Series M-Tech / BMW M-Sport G-Series (2017-2023)
  • Compatible for BMW G-Series / BMW M-Sport G-Series (2017-2023) models

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Additional Information

  • Cover for BMW G-Series M-Sport steering wheel equipped with two OLED selectors, with different functions and options.
  • The OLED selectors are designed to control different options of your vehicle such as: START/STOP (vehicle start system), change driving modes, activate/deactivate the automatic stop and start system of the vehicle, (Auto function Start/Stop), activate/deactivate the traction control system (ESP), control the position of the driver and passenger seat, change the position of the driver or passenger seat through the memories previously saved in each of the front seats (this option will only work on vehicles equipped with memory front seats).
  • Assembly instructions not included.
  • Installation by an authorized auto service is strongly recommended.
  • We ship worldwide.


  • This BMW G-Series steering wheel cover with OLED selectors is only compatible with BMW models equipped with the M-Tech interior package or original BMW M-Sport models with year of manufacture from 2017 onwards. You can verify the appropriate steering wheel model in the product images.


  • The supplied cover for BMW G-Series M-Tech / M-Sport steering wheels with manufacture from 2017 onwards, are equipped with the OLED selectors integrated in the supplied cover, in addition a wiring harness is included in the supply for to be able to install the OLED selectors with the Plug&Play system. The cable harness is equipped with original connectors for the correct installation of these cables in the original steering wheel of the vehicle.

Compatible Models:

  • This cover with OLED selectors is compatible with BMW G-Series models equipped with M-Tech interior package or original BMW M-Sport models.