BMW XM Concept


The new and futuristic BMW XM Concept 

BMW's new vision for the German brand's off-road vehicle has just been made public, the new BMW XM Concept will go on sale at the end of 2022, will be manufactured at BMW's American factory and will be presented with a 700 plug-in hybrid version. CV.

This huge hybrid SUV is BMW's bet for the new plug-in hybrids, it is the successor to the emblematic BMW M1 from 1978 as an exclusive BMW M model. This new BMW XM will be presented for the 50th anniversary of BMW M, which will be the BMW M most powerful in the history of the brand.

Exterior design:

The exterior design of this BMW XM Concept is like taking a leap into the future, with very marked lines from the front with an oversized XXL format grill, a group of headlights in a very subtle format. Pretty much the only thing we see on this bulky front end is the oversized XXL front grille.

The rear is incredibly unique, starting with the taillights, which nod to the current BMW X6 G06 or BMW X4 G02. This new group of taillights are even more bizarre and elongated than the current BMW X4 / X6, they start at the tailgate and the entire rear of the car towards the sides (where they continue through the rear corners of the vehicle and go on and on) until reach practically up to the height of the rear wheel arches. In the lower part we will find a rear diffuser with very marked lines, and on the sides two exhaust outlets superimposed on each other. Another significant detail of this new BMW XM Concept is the exhaust with four outlets (two on each side) but one on top of the other, and this once again gives it that touch of a futuristic and one-of-a-kind vehicle. Finally to highlight on the rear of the vehicle, are the BMW badges on the upper rear pillars or on the upper corners of the tailgate, this touch reminds us of the current BMW X2 with the BMW badges on the sides of the rear windows.

Interior design:

The interior of this new BMW XM Concept is undoubtedly a place to transport you once again to the future. From the driver's position we will have a digital instrument panel, with an elongated screen from the instrument panel to the center console, similar to the Mercedes-Benz A-Class or CLA but with a much more futuristic image. On the other hand we have the roof with a backlit textured coating. The bases of the rear seats like a back design armchair. And finally we also wanted to highlight the design of the center console, since this design attracted a lot of attention for its simplicity and magnification.